Artist Statement

My art production is project-based and multidisciplinary, ranging from outdoor sculptures through photographic exhibitions, artist books, and video installations. From my contemporary urban perspective, and against a backdrop of growing environmental crises, I explore the complex interconnections between materials, humans, and other organisms. My practice investigates the continuity and entanglement that underlie the still dominant binary of Nature and Culture, interrogating the socioeconomic paradigms that continue to transform land into landscape, and species into romanticized and commodified Other. My works are often elaborate and idiosyncratic, developed in combination with systems, cycles, and organisms: past projects have incorporated land title registries, sea-level projections, and live honeybees.

I completed my BFA at the University of British Columbia in 2009, and my MFA at the University of Guelph in 2017. Recent research departs from Southern Ontario's petrochemical and automotive histories to follow microalgae, petroleum, and people on a circling trajectory through biological, geological, and cosmic metamorphoses.